Charles Perrault. Histories ou Contes du Temps Passe. Avec des Moralitez, par le fils de Monsieur Perreault [sic] de l’Académie François[e], Suivant la Copie àParis [Amsterdam], 1700.

bellebois01This volume faithfully reproduces the original edition of 1697. Perrault was still alive at that time (he died in 1703).  This small volume was exquisitely bound in gilt gold edged decoration, probably done in the 19th or early 20th century.

Charles Perrault. Contes de Ma Mère L’Oye [Tales of Mother Goose], with introduction and critical text by Jacques Barchilon.  2 vols.  New York:  Pierpont Morgan Library, [1695], 1956.

This facsimile of a unique manuscript of Contes de Ma Meremaitrechat20 L’Oye, owned by the Pierpont Morgan Library of New York was published in 1956. Volume I includes a critical Introduction and Text of the manuscript by Jacques Barchilon.  Volume II is a facsimile of the manuscript.

Charles Perrault.  The Authentic Mother Goose Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes. A facsimile edition (from photostats and photocopies) of two unique copies in the United States).  Edited and introduced by Jacques Barchilon and Henry Pettit.  This edition includes:

maitrechat21The first English translation (1729) of Perrault’s Histoires ou Contes de Temps Passé (1697), also know as Contes de Ma Mère L’Oye (Tales of Mother Goose).  From Houston Library, Harvard University.

Mother Goose’s Melody (1791), is a reproduction of the unique copy in the United States, owned by Miss Elizabeth Ball of Muncie, Indiana.  The original London edition was published anonymously.

Text by Professor Emeritus Jacques Barchilon


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